Do you want to eat healthier, but

don't know where to start?



is a Personal Wellness Chef and Functional Foods Service 

My goal is to share what “Eat to Live” means, without depriving your most basic need for comforting foods and pleasurable tastes. Using Functional Foods to promote strength and wellness from within, I'm dedicated to supporting your bio-individuality so that you will not feel deprived, no matter what your individual circumstances are!

How would it feel knowing you have nutrient-dense meals

waiting for you when you need them?

 With Heidi's Dish you can rest assured that what you're eating

and what you're feeding your family is something you can rely on.


Customized, individualized and catered to what you need. 

This is where you'll find healthy alternatives to foods

you love, in a simple, no worries way.

Take the stress out of meal planning

and make time for things that matter most! 

 Clients I've worked with have followed some of these

individualized diets:  


               - Paleo 

               - Ketogenic    

               - Raw

               - Vegan

               - Vegetarian

               - Macrobiotic

               - Gluten-Free

               - Soy-Free

               - Sugar-Free

               - FODMAP

               - Whole 30 

               - Anti-Inflammatory

               - Low-Histamine

               - Biotoxin/CIRS

               - Reboot Cleanses

I've supported those with their own individual health goals and

those simply seeking a healthier lifestyle.  

Together we can find your perfect plan!

Meet the Chef 

Heidi Jo Thweatt is a Body-Mind Nutritional Food Therapist with two Culinary Arts Degrees, one in Wellness & Food Therapy received from the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and the other in Raw, Living Foods, obtained from Living Light International in California. She started her career as a Massage Therapist studying the human anatomy in regard to unbalanced, undernourished eating. 


Having experienced many food allergies, among other health challenges, Heidi’s purpose was to turn what seemed like a “big bummer” into a huge positive toward helping herself and others with similar situations.



Heidi teaches that healthy eating is a lifestyle, and palates can shift given the right way of introducing and substituting. Her recipes and food embrace a NO-DEPRIVATION energy. She's worked intimately with clients looking to heal serious health challenges, those looking to make wiser choices on a daily basis, and those simply needing the healthiest foods in the simplest and tastiest forms quickly and effortlessly. 


Her passion is sharing the reality that what we feed our bodies can change our lives. She and her husband have just relocated to Connecticut from the San Francisco area where she had her own thriving Personal Chef business. 

" One of my favorite things about being is Chef is taking your favorite recipes 

and turning them into the healthiest versions of the same thing!

I feel this has become my passion and personal expertise, no matter what you're circumstances, I'm dedicated to helping you out!  

This way you're not feeling so different, you know you can eat what you love, and there's absolutely NO DEPRIVATION involved! Food is meant to be savored and enjoyed. It's meant to be a pleasure, to nourish,

and it's meant to support your greatest version of YOU."

- Chef Heidi 



More and more people are becoming aware of the effects food has on our health. As a society, we are learning how to take responsibility for - and what is necessary to gain and maintain - healthy bodies. But nobody wants to be deprived of the tastes of comforting food and healthy tastes so... Heidi's Dish was created! 


Embracing this “no-guilt” philosophy will enlighten you into taking the steps that you need to get you to where miracles happen. 


Need healthy meals that you know will nourish your family? Don’t have the time or the desire to cook after a long day at work? Are you facing a health challenge and don't know where to begin? My clients love trusting what I create will nourish them and their loved ones. And not having to think about what to make, or take the time to shop and prepare it? Priceless! 


Imagine having your meals ready to go when you are! Imagine having meals catered to your needs and wants and imagine having it all in your home, fresh, organic, healthy, healing, catered to your specific situation and ready to eat. 

Ready to make that a reality? Connect today!

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 Heidi's Dish is focused on providing you and your family with nourishing foods you can trust. With my background, education, and years of Personal Chef experience, my service caters to pinpoint 

exactly what you need.

My expertise is perfect for those who have food sensitivities 

and/or allergies, those that are following a special diet, and those that simply want support with their own individualized menu. 


I'll carefully plan your menu based on your lifestyle, needs, goals, and palate. Then I'll shop, come to your kitchen (or delivery is available), cook, prepare and label all food, provide you with a detailed menu with heating instructions, and leave the kitchen sparkling clean with a fridge full of nourishing food you can easily heat up or grab n' go when you're ready. 


We begin with a free 15 minute phone chat to determine what you're looking for and if we would be a good match. Next is our in-person consultation, so we can discuss your specific tastes and any special dietary needs and circumstances. Within 24 hours I'll have a quote for you. We can then pick a day, time and soon you'll be enjoying catered, nutritional meal service in the comfort of your home. 

I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing people from all over the United States. Here are just a few...

“Heidi’s knowledge outshines anyone I’ve come across in her industry. Her compassion reaches beyond simple book smarts and delivers a level of caring very few value anymore. I am grateful to her - she has restored my faith in my body healing itself.”

Tara B., San Francisco, CA

Heidi is the best thing that has happened to our family!  As a busy mom of three, knowing that there was healthy, balanced, delicious food in my fridge that just needed heating up has been the greatest weight off my shoulders. Heidi is a magician in the kitchen, and has found recipes that delight a variety of different tastes and dietary requirements (and picky kids!).  She is very flexible and inventive, as well as proactive in anticipating what we need (and picking up the odd thing I forgot to buy!).  But most of all, she has become a part of our family over the years - we cried when she told us she was moving!  Hiring Heidi has been an investment in relaxing, enjoyable family dinners and less stress in the evenings - with the added bonus of welcoming a truly kind and wise friend into our kitchen. 

Catriona C., Los Altos Hills, CA


“Heidi has so many talents! She has educated herself and become a one-woman rocket of knowledge and her food is delicious! Highly recommended!” 

Jason A., New York City, NY


"We were lucky to have had Heidi cook for our family for two years.  We were blessed  that Heidi provided us with delicious, healthy, wholesome meals for our dinner table week in and week out.  These meals allowed our very busy, dual working parent family to prioritize spending time together as a family each night, rather than spending the time grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning.  Heidi's service quite literally changed our lives and family dynamics for the better.  Heidi was always willing to work with us to accommodate our ever-changing habits ("paleo January", meatless Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, we're vegetarian this month, some of us like seafood, others don't, etc), all without compromising a delicious dish.  On top of keeping us well-fed and healthy, Heidi is a delightful human being and consummate professional.  Keep cooking, Heidi!"

Adrienne M., Menlo Park CA

“What a true gift to our family! We booked in advance for the weeks after our baby was born which was the smartest thing we ever did! Heidi’s cooking nurtured not only my body after birth, but our entire families! She was flexible and didn’t blink an eye when we added more people for dinner. I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was knowing we had the food there and didn’t have to think about what we were going to do. I continued with her “added on” elixirs which was amazing! She made smoothies and little protein bites for me to snack on throughout the day. Perfect for keeping me nourished. I urge anyone that’s about to have a baby to hire Chef Heidi! Her peaceful energy surrounded our kitchen. Love!” 

Allison D., Los Altos, CA

“I was a true skeptic but my life needed something to change and I needed it to be drastic. I didn’t have time to wait. A serious diagnosis left me at a crossroads. With Heidi’s help, I feel less overwhelmed and more in control. I highly recommend everything she offers. Not once was there any kind of pushiness or demands. She made it easier than any other natural practitioner I had talked to.” 

Delta N., San Francisco, CA

“What a gentle soul. Changing one’s diet can be challenging. I needed help and I needed it fast. I am so grateful I found her information. I will forever be grateful for everything she taught me. A true artist in her field of choice.” 

Janie S., Washington, DC

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